Davetbythesea Photography Exhibition

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Davetbythesea Photography Exhibition

Davetbythesea Photography Exhibition

This late May bank holiday weekend will show Yes Creative exhibit the first solo exhibition by local Southsea photographer David Tuckwell. Having gained a steady stream of followers through his Instagram account @davetbythesea, David is known for his beautiful seascapes and ‘Free Art Friday’ bottles.

The exhibition, titled ‘Interrupted’ encompasses a years worth of photography and the aim, according to the photographer, will show his evolution and progression in the light of human tragedy and how this can change and influence the outcome of his work. His aim if to show this through his collection of photographs which encapsulate and encompass the many aspects of live on the south coast, specifically focused on the Portsmouth and Southsea areas. His style is both classical and unique, managing to create both a sense of calm and freedom in the viewer.

Tuckwell, who is classically trained in photography through Plymouth University, cites one of his main influences as the photographer William Eggleston, which is evidenced in his clever use of colour. The exhibition will run for the duration of 26 – 28 May inclusive and will showcase both his photographs and unique bottles, which are now synonymous with Tuckwell’s work. The opening night for the exhibition will start at 7pm on the 26th May.

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