Strong Island Website Project

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Strong Island Website Project

Strong Island Website Project

Working with local renowned Southsea brand Strong Island on their new web design was an exciting project for us. We have all followed the brand for a long time and love the community feel they bring to Southsea through their blog/magazine website, their Strong Island shop and their independent record label.

For this project we redesigned their blog/magazine website – where it all started for them in 2008. With such a strong following in the local community it was essential that the site be easy to use, in-line with their branding guidelines and mobile responsive – a key consideration as a high proportion of their visitors are accessing on mobiles and tablets.

strong island

The homepage was designed to really showcase their Strong Island brand, with their logo being the main focus, and a featured articles section to be used as a platform for their most recent and most popular posts. We made sure the website navigation was easy to use with all posts categorised into sections such as culture, news & events and lifestyle.

You can view more of our project here and the website itself here.

strong island

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