11 Graphic Artists You Should Be Following Right Now

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11 Graphic Artists You Should Be Following Right Now

11 Graphic Artists You Should Be Following Right Now

1: Yuko Shimzu

There’s a reason Yuko Shimzu is top of this list: she’s an amazing artist. Based out of NYC she’s a regular contributor to DC Comics and does an incredible line in illustrating book covers, among many other amazing things. She’s also a don on social media and has a huge fan following, which you should totally be a part of.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

2: CRUMP 5683

Matt Crump’s long been a Yes Creative office favourite. His really unique take on collage art is frankly incredible and has to be seen to be believed. We’re proud to have featured him on our page a number of times and reckon you should check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and on his own site here.

3: beeple


We don’t know how beeple does it. He seems to churn out these frankly impressive pieces of visual art daily, all of which are mind-bogglingly awesome. If you want to see what all the fuss is about then check him out on Facebook, Twitter and his site

4: Sig Vicious

Sig Vicious

The man like Sig Vicious first came to our attention as the artist behind the stunning Horizons Music record covers. He’s based in Iceland and everything he makes echoes the stark beauty of his home country. Give him a like, follow and check him out on Facebook, Twitter and on his site.

5: Jeremy Fish

We love Jeremy Fish. His distinctly American flavour always hit the spot and, as a graphic artist, he’s done work for people like streetwear luminaries Upper Playground and automotive giant Volkswagon. There’s never a moment when we’re not up for some Fish so check him out on Facebook, Twitter and on his own site Make sure you give him some love as he seems to be in and out of brain surgery, poor guy.

6: Blu

Italian street artist Blu doesn’t pull punches. He’s known for these huge, intricate murals and a a series of incredible stopmotion videos. You can, and really should, check him out his Youtube channel, awesome website and community Facebook page.

7: Ian Jepson

In his own words Ian Jepson is “an illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. After five years working in the industry he began freelancing in early 2013 and now works from his home studio with a focus on posters, custom type and pizza.”

You can check out his work on Behance, Tumblr, Twitter and on his own site.

8: Morf


Morf’s probably the least well known out of this whole list but he’s visually tight and has a thing for seagulls.

Follow him on Facebook or buy a print on Bigcartel.

9: Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsky

In stark contrast to Morf, Leif Podhajsky’s one of the big boys. He’s done everything from adverts for Nike to album covers for Bonobo, Tame Impala and Foals. He’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, his own site.

10: MyDogSighs


We couldn’t do something like this and not mention someone like local legend My Dog Sighs. If you’ve heard of him before you know already and, if not, get to know on Facebook and his site.

11: Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond

We started this article with Yuko Shimzu and we’re rounding it off with one of her pupils; Peter Diamond. He’s got the same detailed intricacy as Yuko but his own bold visual style. You should follow him on Facebook and check out his body of work on his site.

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